This is perhaps one of the branches more delicate, as the design and intervention on the teeth, if not planned and carried out by people with many years of experience, may not give the desired result.

It is essential to be sure of the result and the time to resolve the aesthetic and functional problem.

Our studio boasts the presence of professionals who have been dealing with functional, interceptive, aesthetic, pre-surgical orthodontics for over 20 years; also treating complex cases such as positioning in the arch of impacted canines and pre-prosthetic orthodontics.

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Having a beautiful smile is certainly a beautiful business card, and a lot of people "pardon" the habit of smiling because of dark-colored or superimposed dental elements, which can also affect social life, and influence relationships with others.

Today, modern dentistry allows multiple solutions to give everyone a beautiful smile: teeth whitening, positioning of aesthetic porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns of the front elements, invisible orthodontics combined with laser whitening ... they can really change your appearance.

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